Our Services

Velour Garments offers various customization services specially made for bulk and wholesale orders. From getting your own woven tags made and sewn, to change the color of your pieces through multiple dyeing and washing processes,  which you can select any of the Pantone® Palette colors. 

Each service requires a minimum amount of pieces in order to be applied. You will find the respective information belonging to our services on the page of each product.

Velour Garments Services

  • Dyeing & Ageing: This service offers the opportunity to change the color of your garments, being able to choose from among the thousands of colors in the Pantone® palette and applying washing and aging processes to achieve the desired tone and texture in each garment.
    The minimum quantities are different for each product.
    You can mix products and dye them the same color at the same time, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even sweatpants.
    The starting price to acquire our dyeing services is € 150.     
  • Custom Cut and Sew: If you are interested in developing your own Patterned garments, we offer customization services for that kind of inquires. Our MOQ is 100 pieces for us to create the desired modifications following your specs without any extra charges on the product's final price. If you require of more information regarding this service, feel free to get in touch with us through the following email: bulk@velourgarments.com            Our team will get back to you and guide you through the process.            
  • Woven Tags: Specially for those who have their own clothing brand or textile studio and want to improve the appearance and attention to detail of their garments, we offer the possibility of customizing your own label and adding it to the garment by sewing it carefully.
    This service is available from 200 units*. (units of labels, not clothing items)
    If you add this service and your order contains clothing items, they will come with your own woven tags already sewn by default.                             If your order contains less clothing items than the minimum quantity of labels (200), the remaining labels will be sent together with the order in a small box. Through the Woven Tag product page, you can add the image you want to use for each design. Keep in mind that, within those quantities, you are able to choose their respective size organization and distribution leaving each size quantities in the "Buyer message box" while checking out without any additional cost.                                                                                                                                                                            Ex.: Your Order = 200 Woven Tags ( X(S), X(M), X(L),etc.)