Velour is an artistic collective focused on creating meaningful products and experiences, standing for unique, fair and sustainable design.

The project was born from the need of sharing a different perspective, encouraging creatives to think outside the box and express themselves freely through fashion.

Committed with local craftsmanship, our products are hand-made in Barcelona (Spain) by textile artisans ensuring attention to detail and prioritizing quality over quantity.

Velour planet

With every purchase you are helping reduce the environmental impact fashion industry leaves in our planet. All our fabrics and dyeing process are developed locally under the the world's leading eco-label certification for textile products.



This department aims to become a reliable source of high quality blanks at the most affordable prices.

Our goal is to change the perception about ‘basic’ garments by adding a meaning behind each seam. Offering a wide selection of classic silhouettes in unique colorways and making ‘high end’ clothing available to everyone.




Velour Garments provides a service for creatives all over the world based on clothing customization, giving the possibility to bring your ideas, projects and designs to life.

We are a professional team dedicated to offering personalized assistance and solutions, monitoring the entire textile process from scratch and putting atention to every detail.

Velour services

- Fabric Development

- Fit / Pattern Adjustment

- Cut and Sew Production

- Custom Garment Dyeing

- Labeling / Packaging

- Clothing Samples

You can contact with us in order to get more information about our wholesale products and services through the following email: