Discord rules

Welcome to Velour Garments!

An ever growing community of quality clothing lovers. Joining this server entails a series of responsibilities and rules to follow in order to keep it running smoothly. First of all, be polite and respectful to everyone.

We also want to make it clear how to use each of our channels and what we can and cannot do.

- NEWS: This channel will display news about our products, launches, sales and discounts, upcoming pop-up stores, etc.

- GIVEAWAYS: Here you will find all the information regarding all our raffles and giveaways made through both discord and instagram.

- RESTOCKS: This channel is powered by a BOT that records and displays all those products and sizes that are randomly restocked on our website.

- GENERAL CHAT: Please be polite and respectful to everyone.

- SIZING: This space should be used to share information about the sizing of our garments in order to help others. You can show a picture of how it fits you and add your weight / height for a better understanding.

- IDEAS: At Velour Garments we are constantly hearing from our community about new products, colors, details, services, etc. Feel free to share any ideas you have in mind and would like us to implement. All feedback about existing products and services is also appreciated!

- MARKETPLACE: This channel is exclusively dedicated to buying, selling or exchanging Velour Garments products with other members of the community. An image accompanied by the size and condition of the garment will be enough to be shared. The rules are simple: - You are not allowed to sell any items that are not from Velour Garments. - To get more information about a garment and close any deal, contact the selling user directly. - Any attempt to scam will be penalized with immediate expulsion. Velour Garments is not responsible for any transaction derived or conducted through this channel.